Why does Bunny teether have gumshield ears?

Why does Bunny teether have gumshield ears?


How many teethers have been given to your baby before you’ve found the perfect one? The one that is made of high-quality materials, has a multi-sensory texture, as well as a suitable level of hardness and eye-catching design. We have created the Bunny teether which is equipped with a variety of features, namely it has several elements of different levels of hardness and a multi-sensory texture. Therefore, this Bunny teether can be used during all stages of teething – starting from the first symptoms, such as soreness of the gums, up until the emerging of the molar teeth.

The Bunny teether by ROXY-KIDS is designed as a bunny carrying carrots. All the elements of the teether have different levels of hardness in order to satisfy your baby’s needs. Besides, the surface of the teether is textured and it has various ridges and grooves which help gently massage the gums. Using the Bunny teether soothes the sore gums and provides pain relief. To maximize the effect, you can place the teether in the fridge for a couple of minutes to provide gentle cooling on baby’s gums. However, the main feature of the new Bunny teether is that its upper part, the head of the bunny, is designed in the shape of a gumshield which is vitally important in the eruption of back teeth.

In the manufacture of the product we have taken into account all the particularities and features of using teethers. For instance, one of the problems that frequently occur among babies is that the majority of teethers have uncomfortable handles and children keep dropping them over and over again. That's why we've designed a circular teether which perfectly fits little hands and is pleasant to the touch. Moreover, such a construction helps with coordination and develops fine motor skills.

The teether is made of polymers, polypropylene and thermoelastoplast, which do not contain BPA. These materials are hypoallergic, which makes the teether safe and suitable for every child. There are different variations in the color palette (red, green, and orange) of the product, so you can pick the one you like the most, although the Bunny’s cute face itself easily captures everyone’s attention!

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