Feed your baby anywhere!

Feed your baby anywhere!


ROXY-KIDS is happy to present a novelty in the collection of motherhood accessories – stylish nursing covers which will become an indispensable item for moms on the go who prefer breastfeeding. Our production is based on premium quality materials, catchy design, and well-thought-out construction. In addition, ROXY-KIDS nursing covers are made in Russia.

A nursing cover is a useful accessory which helps to feed a baby anywhere anytime they need. It is easily transformed into a storage bag and it does not take up much space in a pram. Two additional pockets can be used for storing personal items, such as nursing pads.

The nursing apron is made of light and breathable fabric which allows your baby to feel comfortable under the cover. Moreover, the apron is equipped with the boned neckline which forms a special hole allowing your baby to breathe freely and have constant eye contact with you. The neckline can be regulated with the help of the neck strap.

This ROXY-KIDS nursing cover allows you to breastfeed your baby anywhere with comfort and mobility. This item will be a great help for moms on the go making strolls easy and carefree! Our discreet apron helps you to have some privacy while breastfeeding – your baby is unlikely to get distracted by the surroundings and you won’t feel self-conscious of people glancing at you.

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